Data Visualisation – Whats App Usage

Figure 1. Whats App usage from Monday 18th Jan to Friday 22nd Jan between 6am and 12am at mid night.
Figure 2. Code used for indicating type of content, type of activity and my emotional state at the time.

In my first attempt at data visualisation, I decided to log my Whats App usage for the week. I initially started by noting all the messages both received and sent but then decided to focus on my activity only for data representation. I also didnt include Whats App groups for simplicity and because many received maybe unread.

I decided to eventually use digital inking and Microsoft OneNote as it gives an indefiniate working space, erasing errors is easy and I also have a plethora of pens, pencils etc of my desired thickness.

Most of the time, Whatsapp has acted as a backchannel for work-related activities and because it is easier to share Tweets, links and videos than to send another email. I normally update colleagues on EdTech related issues, especially if they aren’t on Twitter.

I decided there are three categories of people I tend to message: a) family b) friends and c) colleagues and would measure this on the horizontal grid while using the vertical axis for time from 6am to 12am.

In terms of my activity, I would either be forwarding a message, replying to a message or initiative a conversation and therefore decided on the three types of arrows in figure 2. I categorised my emotions as being either positive (motivated, inspired, funny), neutral or negative (bored, annoyed, frustrated) and chose the colours green, yellow and red respectively.

The types of content I was working with include audio messages, texts, video, URL and link and of course emojis 🙂 – each of which has an associated symbol at the beginning of the arrow.

I intended to see interconnected thinking and how some forwarded messages carry from personal non-work life to work-life which can be seen by the green icons on Monday at 6 pm and between 9-12 pm on Friday; often a funny video from Tiktok is shared with a few people and created a ripple-like response. Conversely, negative emotions on Monday evening have carried to or from my professional and working relationships.

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  1. Hi Saqib,

    Very interesting visualisation, especially how you have included emotional response along with the functional information. I look forward to seeing your visualisations in future weeks.

  2. Very interesting visualisation …. I was wondering how would be my WhatsApp map…. we also have businesses here running on WhatsApp interns of ordering, payment, customisations ..etc … I think I can spend a whole day on What’s app!!

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