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For week 5 (visualisation 3), I tried to track questions I asked – in the spirit of continuing my visualisations about my own learning in this first block. I had also recently read about a learning programme Marvin that used […]

For week 4 of the course and my second week of visualisations, I decided to track my interactions ( I suppose this is quite a strange thing to track in a global pandemic and during a ‘lockdown’ but I feel […]

I started off gently with the idea of tracking my reading throughout on the week, given that I often learn from reading I felt that might be a nice (if not basic) area in which to begin my visualisation task. […]

I’m so looking forward to getting involved in the Critical Data and Education chat and tasks. I realised my interest in data as we moved through the IDEL course – and am looking forward to building on discussions around data […]