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6 – actions around tiredness

This week I tracked what actions I took when I felt tired, as a sort of personal intervention. I suppose I was trying to explore any trends in the success of interventions, which could be a benefit of learning analytics for the teacher.

My week 8 visualisation
the key to reading my week 8 visualisation

 2 key reflections this week:

  1. What became clear, was that light exercise resolved my tiredness – for at least a while – more consistently than any other approach. This sort of reaction to an invertenion would be useful for a teacher when considering future intervention strategies as a result of data collected about a learner, or indeed a group of learners (maybe less reliably).
  2. You’ll see I crashed and burned on Thursday – but that was the day I had my vaccine, and fatigue was one of the side effects I experienced. This highlighted a key point about context once again, and how this blip (and explainable) point in the data could effect the wider dataset. It’s highlights the importance of the use of the data, and it’s perhaps greatest potential to leverage human contact rather than replace it! (Tsai et al, 2020)

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