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I have a number of reflections after an interesting journey with data and visualisations. I now have a greater understanding of how complex, inter-related and ever-changing data are. Learning analytics and data allow for responsive information for learners, teachers and […]

I’ve found this final block particularly interesting, possibly because it links most closely to the aspect of education that I’m involved in working in. The centrality of knowledge and information (linked to neoliberal influences in education) incurred a change from […]

This week I chose to track data around animals that I spotted. The visualisation captured two broad areas that I spotted the critters, and some features about them (where I remembered) eg if they had a lead on, if they […]

This week I chose to track when I feeling hot and cold. This was more difficult than I’d originally anticipated. I tracked when I was feeling hot or cold. It felt like the type of data that could have been […]

This week I chose to track when I had screen time on my mobile, and to a certain extent why. I had three broad categories; social media, searching for information and other. What interested me in this was what inferences […]

This week I tracked what actions I took when I felt tired, as a sort of personal intervention. I suppose I was trying to explore any trends in the success of interventions, which could be a benefit of learning analytics […]

Context I’ve been thinking for a number of weeks about the impact of learners’ emotions and self-motivations on their learning and how that could be useful to a teacher in terms of finding trends in that data. It has been […]

Week 6, visualisation 4 So … I tried to do something different this week and not quite sure it was successful but it was an interesting process from which I can reflect on, in the context of ‘teaching with data’. […]