Data visualisation: Languages of my students and data flaws

The inspiration for this week’s data collection came from a chapter on multilingualism I read in ‚The Infrastructure of Accountability: Data use and the transformation of American education’ by Anagnostopoulos et al. (2013). German, French, Italian and Romansh are the four national languages, and multilingualism is close-knit with Switzerland’s history and culture. In the past decades, many more non-national languages became widely spoken, especially due to immigration. 

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Attempting Data Collection

This week I tried to record data, read more about my first attempt and my thoughts below.

On the weekend I decided to record my readings over the following days. As a child/teenager I loved to read, but as my job and degree took over, I saw reading more as part of the academic side of my life and not so much of my free time. It’s only since the first lockdown that I found more time, or should I say finally decided to take more time, to read more. From the beginning, it made sense, at least to me, to divide my readings into three categories: academic, for pleasure and for school.

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