Block 3: Week 11

Week of Visitations

This week was a rather challenging one because I spent most of it in the hospital due to ill health, however this did not stop me from capturing data for my blog activity. As I lay on my hospital bed and wondered what data to capture to be able to still add value to my reading I noticed the visits of different medical practitioners in the ward to look after patients’ needs. There it was. I decided to track every time a medical personnel came into the ward, the duration of their visit and the time of day they visited. Since I was weak and asleep most of the time I told my kid sister who was mostly with me to do the tracking.

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I do hope you are recovering well Festus. So sorry to hear about your stay in hospital. But it has proved to be very productive, as you’ve made some really important observations here based on your reading of Ozga. Your point about “thin quantitative description of data … stripped of its qualitative contextual complexities” is really important, and it would be great to see you developing these ideas further when you are able to start thinking about the assignment. I wonder what kind of “infrastructure” would need to be developed to enable more contextual data to be collected too?

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