Block 3: Week 9.

Week of maintaining balance

One of the most basic struggles of any student enrolled in higher education is maintaining a balance between work, recreation/fun, and sleep. There was a saying in college that one can never have all three and that we always have to sacrifice one to ensure productivity in the other two. This week I decided to tract these three activities of a regular student and see if a certain pattern can be observed from it and used to create a form of guidance or policy for students enrolling in university programs.

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I am sure that these kinds of data would be of interest to institutions trying to ensure student well-being and a good ‘student experience’. It is good that you have identified how students’ personal lives – and not just traces of their ‘academic’ activity on learning platforms – could be tracked for the purposes of developing institutional policies and governing interventions. Indeed, there have been some proposed projects to track signals of student mental health from social media as a way of informing interventions: There are questions here, however, about the level of intrusion into and surveillance of students’ personal lives, even if the outcomes seem desirable.

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