End of block 2: Teaching with Data

The transition from learning with data to teaching with data was not smooth for me. Having taught in higher education for a couple of years I believed it would be like a ride in the park but it was far from my expectations.

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Great to see how your engagement with the data visualization tasks and the course readings has begun to challenge your thinking. It would be interesting to think further about the similarities between education and the wider social media and platforms industry, and your attention to the van Dijck et al book is a great resource for this. A key part of their argument is that as platforms enter education, they bring with them different values, such as the efficient development of workplace skills, which might displace other educational values, such as the development of knowledgeable and critical citizens. They also change education from a public or common good, built on principles of enriching society, to a private, individualized transaction that enriches the platform owner at the expense of the individual consumer. Are there ways you might modify your own educational practices in light of these reflections?

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