Block 2: Week 6 Visualization

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Your visualization looks like data lollipops! It was a neat idea to try to capture your learning interactions. I wonder how a teacher might use such information if it was available? Do you think it would draw the teacher’s attention to aspects of teaching and learning that are otherwise overlooked, e.g. the importance of sharing one’s learning with family? On the flip side, could this kind of interpersonal data be possible with the kind of software and analytics used in most educational institutions? My sense is education data might usually emphasize more ‘mundane’ matters like individual student ‘performance’, and therefore draw the teacher’s attention away from the more social, interpersonal and relationship-based aspects of teaching and learning. What’s your sense?

Hey Ben,
I think that is a great aspect you just pulled out. Such data in the hands of the teacher will definitely spark conversation around the value of sharing knowledge and the effect it can have when it is with family and friends. Additionally, it is almost impossible to capture such perspectives of data with the kinds of software used in learning institutions because they are more concerned with the data around the LMS and other quantified elements of student learning. Like you said there is so much focus on individual performance that a blindspot has been created around other more social and interpersonal activities which equally influence learning.

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