Week1 Visualization

The Legend of the visualization.

My data visualization for Week 1.

The process of collecting data for my visualization this week was an interesting one. At first, I was uncertain as to what element of my learning to capture, but as I pondered and engaged with the readings I wanted to have a better understanding of my learning style and mechanism. I considered the two main elements of my daily activities namely: Academic and Work Engagements.

I used sticky notes to record all the times I was engaged in either a work or an academic engagement. As illustrated in the legend, I recorded data on the types of activities I was engaged in, the modality of the activity, the time of the day that activity occurred, and space I was in during the activity.

After creating my data visualization I made a couple of observations about my learning style and mode of working. In terms of learning space, I realized that over 80% of my work engagements took place in the home study however, my academic engagements were not confined to any one particular space but I was able to learn in a flexible and variety of spaces. In terms of learning style, I noticed that even though most of the course materials were text-based articles, I still opted for more visual materials or in some cases the audio versions of the articles. Another important point I noticed from the visualization was that I was very comfortable working during late nights on my academic engagements and the morning and afternoon hours were mostly dedicated to work based engagements.

Despite these intriguing revelations, I also realized that there were other metrics I was unable to measure based on how the data was collected or what data was actually collected. Hence, I would be more deliberate during my date collection process in the coming weeks.

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My Understanding of the 200 words blog explanation

I am having a bit of unclarity on what exactly the 200 esenyurt escort words explanation should entail.

In my understanding I am considering structuring it in this way:

1. The process of data collection (How was the data collected)

2. What is being measured in the visualization. (What am I trying to find out)

3. Explanation of the visualization itself (Symbols and colors etc.)

4. What did I find out and what does it tell me about my own learning?

Am I missing anything here or adding some information that’s not needed?


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