First practice drawing!

Below is my attempt of recalling what I did at work on the past few days:

  • Data source: no actual data recording has been done – rather, the data was obtained though looking at email and whatsapp trails.
  • The marking is clearly not to scale – hence this visualisation is best described as semi-quantitative. And I think it shows the limitation of self-reported findings, which can be somewhat impressionist in nature.
  • Red colour denotes the part of my work that is directly related to e-learning initiatives at my workplace; while blue colour ones had a less direct connection with that initiative.
  • Why did I use straight lines and curly lines? It wasn’t a very conscious decision, but it turned out I enjoyed the activities denoted by curly lines more than the straight lines.

3 thoughts on “First practice drawing!

  1. Hi Enoch,

    Like you, I went for a visualisation that was more qualitative/impressionistic; interesting when we are both from a quantitative data background.

    It’s also interesting that, although you didn’t intend to record it, you have also included the aspect of your emotion towards the task.

    Look forward to seeing more of your visualisations.

    • Thank you Tracey! I was quite comfortable with the “semi-quantitative” approach as in many biological assays (e.g. western blot, immunohistochemistry), but yes, Dear Data did challenge me to find ways to express other less familiar parameters such as emotional status.

  2. I really like this visualisation, Enoch. This is actually a great example of how long it takes to proof captions and transcripts for lecture videos! It’s something I find academic staff need a lot of support with from professional staff simply because it is so time consuming.

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