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Week 9 – Plant Visualisation

Figure 1 – Plant Visualisation

In this block of governance, I wanted to visualise the data in a way that could be used for viewing a student’s day and possibly seeing patterns. Once the patterns are seen then it could be possible to build policy from that. I kept track of my day and the main elements I did during each day.

Description of the Visualisation

This is five different plants (one for each day) with branches / leaves coming off them and under each branch / leaf is the activity during that hour period. These cover the hours of 10:00 to 18:00 as these are the hours that a school or university can track what a student is doing.

Under each branch I placed a symbol for what I did during that hour, this makes it easier to know roughly what I did. Perhaps there could be another type of visualisation to show a time breakdown if required.


Figure 2 – Legend


From the tweetorial and readings I have done this week one of the items that stood out was that of high-level information being utilised. By high level I mean how much class time does a student have, how long do they spend on the education platform, how much time do they spend on campus, etc. All these items are gathered from much more granular detail such as card swipe entries into different areas of the building, but decision makers are looking for totals or averages.

For these reasons I went with broad areas but broke them down by hour, but it is most likely that these would be further processed to just an average for a class or course for some decision to be made on if the necessary targets are being achieved.