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Week 7 – Line Visualisation

Figure 1 – Line Visualisation

Over the last week I tracked what I did throughout the day. I only marked down a new entry when I moved to a new activity, I did not track how long I did the activities for.

Description of the Visualisation

I took inspiration from Dear Data, Week 7 Complaints, when doing this visualisation.

Each line on the left hand side of the image represent tasks done prior to 13:00 and each line on the right hand side represents tasks after 13:00. The measurements are for 5 days and each day has a different inclination, day 1 starting from the top to day 5 at the bottom.


Figure 2 – Legend


I wanted to show what it might be like for a teacher looking at data on a dashboard. There are a lot of lines but if there is limited training how do you know which lines are important or something that should be actioned. Even with a legend or some explanation about the graph how can a teacher understand the reasoning or the underlying logic for why something is being shown to them.

Due to limited colours I decided to use the same colours for different tasks depending on what side of 13:00 the task was. I think this brought out a good point, in that teachers are bombarded with graphs and dashboards with different lines and colours but again no training or context to what they mean. One graph could show a yellow line being something important but in another graph a yellow line could be simply an average marker.