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Week 10 – Category Visualisation

Figure 1 – Visualisation

As part of governance, it seems as though the view that is desirable is that of averages and broad categories. As data becomes processed at each level the detail is removed from it.

Description of the Visualisation

Along the top of the visualisation, you have a horizontal line that is a linear timeline from the beginning of data capture to the end of capture. Every element on this line is also part of the large circles below.

The circles are split up into the following:

  • Left – University
  • Middle – Personal
  • Right – Work


Figure 2 – Legend


People who are governing and utilising data for that governance are looking for data that is more general. As the data is processed from its raw form the nuance or specifics of the data are generally removed. That is why I have gone with the above visualisation as it shows the administrator or school leaders areas of the students’ day and based on that they can see where the students focus is.

This iteration of the data could show that possibly students should be encouraged or nudged to do more university reading or spending more time outside. Then the governor’s can search out data that has been processed in another manner to show what the students are reading during that time or possibly if there is a reason for limited outside time such as lack of amenities.

There is always the possibility with any data that possibly it was the way in which it was processed that has removed some of its value for scenarios.