This final week of the course is devoted to your two course assignments: the data visualisation blog; and the digital essay. See all the information about the assignments here.

Firstly, week 12 gives you time to finalise and submit your data visualisation blog. Before you submit, you must write your final 1000-word commentary on the entire data visualisation task, which should synthesise all three of your end-of-block posts, and reflect on the task as a whole, drawing on the literature where appropriate. This should be your final post in your blog. When your data visualisation blog is complete, head over to the Moodle course to submit your workyou must do this by the assignment deadline of Tuesday the 6th of April.

This final week also provides you with some time to plan your digital essay assignment, due on the 19th of April. You will have the opportunity to discuss digital essay topics, content, and form with your tutor during this week, before you embark on this final assessed task independently. Head over to the Moodle discussion forum here. You will also submit the digital essay assignment in Moodleyou must do this by the assignment deadline of Monday the 19th of April.