Week 6 – a new theme: ‘teaching’

Today we embark on a new theme in our explorations of data in education: ‘teaching’. Firstly, excellent work so far on the previous theme of ‘learning’, where many of you produced such engaging visualisations and interrogated the assumptions around what data represents for ‘us’ as ‘learners’. In this block, we attempt to shift our critical thinking towards considering the role of the teacher, and what data visualisation might mean for teaching – see the overview for block 2 here, with some initial ideas and questions to start this process. A new block also means new readings, so please check out the essential and additional texts for block 2 here. Alongside reading, and continuing with the data visualisation task, we have a group tutorial this week – please sign up in Moodle if you haven’t done so already. Look forward to seeing everyone and catching up – can’t believe it is week 6 already!


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