week 5 – wrapping up the ‘learning’ theme

Excellent work so far everyone on the data visualisations, and your exploration of the ‘learning’ theme. This week is about pulling together everything you’ve been exploring in the past two weeks, and attempting to conclude your considerations of ‘learning’ with data. You might build on your previous two visualisations and try to refine your approach this week, however, this could also be a useful time to experiment with new and fresh ideas. By this week you should have completed as many of the readings for block 1 of the course as possible, and you should try to focus on making tangible links between your visualisation work, written reflections, and this literature. Your end-of-block summary post – of around 500 words – will be the main place to make these connections.

Also remember that the ‘learning’ you are exploring in this block can be interpreted in a broad sense, and it is up to you how you define and justify the object of your enquiry here. You might have been experimenting with your own ‘learning’, in the sense of tracking particular activities that may give you interesting insights about how you behave, and how you might be encouraged to behave differently. You might have been thinking about learning in the more general sense of asking, ‘what is it?’ and ‘how can a data  visualisation usefully represent it?’. Whatever you choose, try to return to some of these ‘big questions’ in your final reflections.

Have a great week everyone!

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