week 4 – ‘learning’ with data continues

Welcome to week 4! Hopefully everyone has now completed and uploaded their first data visualisation. Our first task this week is to therefore take a look through all of the participant blogs (find the links in a list below and to the right) and leave some comments – Ben and I will be doing the same over the next day or two. Remember that this is only your first attempt at visualising some data for this course, so focus on the opportunity to develop your ideas. When we come to assess your work, we look at your blog as a whole, rather than any one visualisation. Use the commenting to think about your next steps!

We also have an optional task this week, to track some personal data using digital means. As noted on the week 4 page, this is intended to encourage you to reflect on the differences between ‘hand-drawn’ and digital methods for self-tracking.

Have a great week everyone!

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