Week 2: planning for our data visualisation

Welcome everyone to week 2 of the course. After a couple of great tutorials last week – see the Teams space for the recordings – we are hopefully all set to begin thinking and planning for the ‘data visualisation’ task, which begins next week (week 3).This week you have time to experiment, and to share ideas and approaches with your peers in the Moodle forum. Remember that we are expecting you to develop competence (and creativity) in this task, so you don’t necessarily need to be producing you best from the outset. Nevertheless, use this week to try different techniques, and to push yourself out of your comfort zone – the possibilities for data visualisation are really broad, and we hope you will embrace the opportunity to think in alternatives ways about this practice. Look forward to seeing your ideas emerge in the forums!

Also remember that the readings are a key part of grounding your thinking and designing this week, so please continue to use the week one forum for discussion -some great conversations are developing in there already!

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