Week 5: end-of-block reflections

“So Many Numbers” by re_birf is licensed under CC BY 2.0

This is the final week of the ‘learning’ with data theme. The central focus of this week is to round up your understanding of the relationships between data and ‘learning’, in whichever sense you have explored most explicitly over the block. The data visualisation you produce this week will also be your last on the theme of ‘learning’, so use this opportunity to explore some key ideas that have become particularly important to you in the past couple of weeks.

Alongside producing your final data visualisation under the ‘learning’ theme, you will also write a final end-of-block summary post. This should include reflection on how your data visualisation practice over the previous three weeks has helped you to think about the relationships between data and ‘learning’, drawing on the readings where appropriate to support your discussion.

Your key tasks this week will be to:

  • Finish reading the core and secondary literature for this block
  • Produce your weekly data visualisation
  • Write your end-of-block summary post in your blog