Data Visualisation #6

“A week of weather”

This week I tracked the weather! First I tried to track the weather at different times of the day, morning, afternoon and evening. But when translating the (simple) data into a visualisation I decided to show the most prevalent weather / temperature that day. Just because it looked nicer and was easier to illustrate.

Ever since working from home for most of the last year, I’ve enjoyed looking out the windows in my apartment, observing the clouds, change in weather, taking short time-laps videos of the changing of the sunrise or sunset. It is how I take a break from the computer during the day.

The way I recorded and interpreted the weather data reminded me of how teacher give or assign grades to students. In the International Baccalaureate program (MYP), we generally give a ‘best fit’ grade that represents the students overall learning during that period. In a similar way, I gave a ‘best fit’ impression of the weather each day.

How do impressions of student learning influence the latest ‘image’ we have of their learning and progress? What do we (as teachers) remember about students? Their achievements or failures?

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