A bit about me!

I am currently working in adult education, supporting those who have literacy and numeracy difficulties. The projects I am involved in over the next 12 months are focussed on developing pathways for access to digital supports, mapping user journey models to ensure user success on our LMS, as well as concluding the development of a self-assessment web application. I made the leap into the education sector just before Covid-19, after over 7 years in the disability sector, so I have been on a fairly steep learning curve over the last 12 months.

IDEL has helped me fast track my learning; providing much-needed context, as well as new ideas and thoughts that are helping to shape my thinking and work. I’m looking forward to this next step and delving deeper into how data and data-driven technologies can shape learning, its impact on students, and how this might inform my work going forward. I’m particularly interested in the ethical considerations and debate regarding data and how it impacts society, and how our data can encode pre-existing bias and amplify systematic exclusion.

Who I am outside of this? Well, I imagine some of that will be reflected in our data visualisations over the coming weeks but for now, I hope the above pie chart can give you an idea of my current ‘5km’ restricted existence! Creating a hand-drawn visualisation each week is a slightly daunting prospect, however, I am looking forward to the process and how it evolves. Looking outside of the ‘Dear Data’ project for some more inspiration for the next few weeks, I came across the below projects. Utilising the power of visual narratives is new and exciting territory, which is hopefully something I can develop and replicate over the coming weeks. 



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  1. Hi Ailis,

    Love your visualisation – glad to see that your life is a lot more than just work!

    I also love Randall Munroe’s work; it really shows how it is possible to get across very complicated ideas in a very small space.

  2. Hi Ailis,

    I really like your illustrations! You’ve inspired me to try to draw something similar about my life now living / working from home.


    1. It was a worthwhile exercise – I feel more positive about lockdown 3.0 now! My life is less screen oriented than I first thought 🙂

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