Sander on critical big data literacy

So in my last visualisation on conversations, I suggested that Sander’s [2020b:3] definition of data literacy — i.e. of critical big data literacy— was too demanding. Sander argues that data literacy needs to evolve from a data literacy narrowly defined in terms of data skills to something much more ambitious — critical big data literacy — that encompasses, in practice (and the in practice bit is important):

“….an awareness, understanding and ability to critically reflect upon big data collection practices, data uses, and the possible implications that come with these practices, as well as the ability to implement this knowledge for a more empowered internet usage [see also Sander, 2020a]. [My emphasis]

It seems to me that if, for example, teachers in particular are supposed to become more data literate so that they can implement this ambitious level of knowledge effectively in practice, you’re going to have to make serious adjustments to their already overloaded timetables. Or else you’re going to have to reject Sander’s ambitious definition of critical big data literacy as too demanding and not feasible to implement in practice as long as the rest of, for example, a teacher’s schedule stays the same. None of this, of course, means that the narrow definition of data literacy is acceptable either.

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